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Divine Misdemeanors – Laurell K. Hamilton *Spoiler Alert*



Let me begin with that this is my opinion, so please keep that in mind before you get upset. I am not going to lie. I grew up reading the Anita Black series. It started off so action packed and it was great, then they went downhill. But this series never really peaked for me. I mean you know there is going to be a lot of sex, and that is fine, we are all adults here. But to me it just seems like the author doesn’t care anymore, and is mainly using the books to shove her lifestyle down our throats, but once again we are all adults here, we don’t care how she wants to live her life. If we had a problem with it then we wouldn’t be reading her books. Now that my little rant is over lets get to the book. I did not enjoy it, at all. I am the kind of reader who can normally power through a book in a day, this one took me over a week. I am so tired of hearing about the men’s hair and their eyes. We as readers need more character depth. Yes, they are all amazing looking men, but we need a little more to go on. She hinted that they had all been married before then they say ‘Nope don’t want to talk about it’ and that is it. This book was just not written well, everything is so repetitive you just want to pull your hair out. They didn’t really talk about the babies, or the “case” that wasn’t really a case because Merry didn’t really do anything. Someone comes in and just gives her all the answers. Instead the book is Merry telling herself that she needs to put people in their place if she is going to be in charge. Then everyone fights and yells at each other. They find out something that they didn’t know about whoever they were fighting with, then POOF all is well between them. I would not read this book unless you are like me, and just can’t leave a series unfinished.

What are your thoughts?

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