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Covers War Wednesday – Winter by Marissa Meyer

Cover War Wednesday

This weekly book meme was created by Book Is Glee and it’s all about having a face off between different covers of the same book!

For my first Cover War post I wanted to pick a book that I really loved. Thus Winter by Marissa Meyer was of course at the top of my list.

The first one is from my country and thankfully, it is one of my favorites. The French cover though is so beautiful. I would love to have a copy on my bookshelf.

The Winners!

Book Cover - Winter
USA Cover
French Cover
French Cover








Honorable Mention

While this isn’t my top favorite I definitely would not turn it down if given the chance to buy it. It just has a wonderful mystical feel to it.

Chinese Cover
Chinese Cover


Bottom Of The Barrel

These were just kinda blah… That is the best way to describe them. Compared to the others they just don’t have that wow factor that the others do.

Bulgarian Cover
Bulgarian Cover
Russian Cover
Russian Cover

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